It was a brief flicker of light...

I'm the Raincloud in Residence... Rumbelle War Master. Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, Period Films, ect.
- Rumbelle Recs 1, 2, 3, & 4

Chip, look how cute we are!

We were definitely having a Rumbelle-telepathic connection when we wrote A Pair of Stilettos and Crocuses in February

- “Need a lift, dearie?”
-“I’ll drive you.”

- He pointed his cane in the direction of the kitchen…
- He motions with his cane, “Just around that corner, on the right; it’s in the kitchen.”

- “The phone’s just over there, dearie. Help yourself.” 
- “I just need to use your telephone.” “Come inside.”

Twin-fics, except Chip’s is by far the better of the two!